Pilates for horse riding

Horse riders love Pilates because it builds core strength, flexibility and suppleness as well as the grace and balance required to ride well.


Essentially, all riders, no matter which discipline, need the ability to be strong and firm one moment and then ‘loose’ and relaxed the next.

This is where a solid understanding of Pilates is hugely beneficial.

Riders need to be able to manage their horse moving vertically and horizontally which is why core strength is so vital in maintaining the ‘classical’ seat position.

Pilates teaches how to isolate and control the pelvis independently of the upper and lower body so the rider is able to keep the pelvis central in the saddle with the hips forward facing, whilst turning the upper body.

In essence; Pilates can significantly improve riding performance.

Pilates can be beneficial to many other sportsmen and women including cycling, golf, football, running and horse riding. Join a local Pilates class to discover the benefits yourself.

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