Pilates for golf

Golfers clearly love Pilates with devotees such as Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and Grace Park raving about its benefits.


Pilates can help you hit the ball further, straighter and with much more precision because it strengthens your core whilst increasing your flexibility.

Golf like Pilates, is about stability, in golf you must be able to hold a position long enough to play through a shot without the body ‘buckling’ or twisting and Pilates can help you achieve this.

In essence; Pilates can significantly improve golf performance whilst reducing the risk of injury. It improves spinal stability and rotation, producing power through the torso and hips. Golfers will experience greater levels of stamina, flexibility and strength.

Pilates can be beneficial to many other sportsmen and women including cycling, golf, football, running and horse riding. Join a local Pilates class to discover the benefits yourself.

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