Pilates for running

Runners love Pilates because it builds long, strong muscles, improves flexibility and really lessens the risk of injury.


Running is certainly an impact sport and Pilates’ ability to release the lower spine in particular can help prevent many of the ‘classic’ running injuries.

Good Pilates techniques should be mirrored in running; running tall with a lengthened spine, avoiding being hunched over with tension in the neck and shoulders are just a few examples.

Pilates has unique methods to lengthen and release the hamstring and calf muscles; essential for any runner wishing to take care of their knee joints.

In essence; Pilates can really improve running performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Pilates can be beneficial to many other sportsmen and women including cycling, golf, football, running and horse riding. Join a local Pilates class to discover the benefits yourself.

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