Pilates for cyclists

Cyclists love Pilates because it helps to counter balance the negative physical impact the design of the modern bike has on the spine.


Modern mountain and racer bikes require an increased hunched posture with the head protruding towards the front wheel. In addition, sitting for long periods in a bio – mechanically inefficient posture has detrimental effects on the body.

The excessive bending of the lumbar spine, forward rotation of the pelvis and shortening of the neck muscles can be addressed with specific Pilates exercises.

Pilates enhances body awareness to produce a more efficient movement pattern.
Posture improves; the chest is opened up, back pain is relieved and general comfort resumes.
Shortened hamstrings are seen in many dedicated cyclists. Some simple Pilates exercises pre and post cycling can help eradicate this issue/

In essence; Pilates can help improve cycling performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Pilates can be beneficial to many other sportsmen and women including cycling, golf, football, running and horse riding. Join a local Pilates class to discover the benefits yourself.

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