Pause for Pilates: Dumb Waiter

The Pilates Dumb Waiter is a wonderful standing exercise to encourage correct shoulder placement and stability whilst mobilising the shoulder joints.

A superb exercise to reinforce basic Pilates principles.

Including; a neutral pelvis and spine position, to focus on the stability of the scapulae whilst avoiding over retraction, a lengthened and released neck position, correct hand and wrist alignment and all whilst softening and closing the rib cage and maintaining a sense of width across the collar bones.

Exercises adaptations include performing the exercises in a seated position; making it an ideal exercises for desk bound workers, hunched over a computer for long hours as well as being a helpful alternative for less mobile clients and those with balance issues in a standing position.

Even the most intermediate of clients can benefit from the Pilates Dumb Waiter.

All video footage is aimed at existing clients with a solid understanding of core stability, lateral breathing and good Pilates alignment.

If you are not familiar with these then please contact Victoria before attempting the exercises exhibited here.

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