Pause for Pilates: Spine Curls

The Pilates Spine Curl is a fabulous exercise for clients of all abilities to mobilise the spine and hip joints whilst toning the buttock muscles.

Although a simple movement pattern, it is crucial to initiate with a posterior tilt of the pelvis – really imprint the lower spine – think Pubic bone towards the head as the spine moves sequentially up to the tips of the shoulder blades. Really aiming to not hyper extend into the neck.

Maintaining a sense of width across the back of the shoulder blades and the front of the chest with the feet remaining in contact with the floor at all times.

Many clients will find it helpful to place the overball or a small cushion between the knees to help ‘fire’ up the inner thighs and to help avoid the knees rolling outwards.

Aim to keep the weight distribution even through each leg and foot.

A wonderful exercise for daily practice to keep our spines mobile and flexible.

All video footage is aimed at existing clients with a solid understanding of core stability, lateral breathing and good Pilates alignment.

If you are not familiar with these then please contact Victoria before attempting the exercises exhibited here.

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