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Pause for Pilates: Single Leg Stretch

The Pilates Single Leg Stretch is one of Joseph Pilates’ traditional movements.

There is much to gain from performing a controlled sequence of the Single Leg Stretch.

Clients learn co-ordination of the upper and lower body whilst mobilising the hip and knee joints and really challenging pelvic stability and improving core stability by strengthening the stamina of the deep abdominal muscles.

The Single Leg Stretch is about learning to move from the ‘centre’, which helps to train the abdominals to initiate movement and stabilise the trunk as the arms, and legs are in motion.

Very helpful when targeting the lower abdominal muscles.

All video footage is aimed at existing clients with a solid understanding of core stability, lateral breathing and good Pilates alignment.

If you are not familiar with these then please contact Victoria before attempting the exercises exhibited here.