”Victoria immediately makes one feel relaxed and I was impressed by the way she looks after each one of us in the group environment, making sure we only attempt exercises suitable for our ability.
She offers sensible alternatives and no one was made to feel they could not do anything, Pilates is really beneficial”

”Following mastectomy and axillary clearance, I started Pilates with Victoria and since then have had 4 private sessions at monthl intervals, this has helped me establish a daily routine of about 30 minutes which I find of great benefit. I am sure if has strenghtened my body and improved my flexibility and range of movement. I intend to continue”

” I have been seeing Osteopaths since I was 9 years old, having worked with horse my whole life and now managing a poultry farm, I have suffered with a bad bacl for 35 years and since seeing Victoria for Pilates I now have full movement in my spine.
I highly recommend Victoria as a Pilates Teacher, she is an excellent instructor and explains all the movements in great detail ”

”I have found that Pilates with Victoria has already benfited my horse riding after just 5 months of classes, it has strengthened my tummy muscles, helping me breath and supporting my lower back. I leave each class feeling more present in my body which is wonderful and I look forward to each new term…thank you for all your hard work so far”

”Pilates has changed my life. It has helped me to feel more confident about being able to control what is happening to my back”

”I have only been doing Pilates with you for a few months but already I feel my back is much stronger and I have more shoulder movement”

”I found Victoria’s classes have really helped my pelvic floor – crucial for good bladder control!”

”After being diagnosed with spinal problems and my specialist recommended Pilates to strengthen my core muscles, I have to say I have found it hugely benefical and find the exercises gentlt and place no strain on my back”

” I adore the way Victoria commands the class, she encourages and supports us whilst keeping such a close eye on how we perform the movements. She is an inspiration on how Pilates can make a body so strong and flexible”

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